PEAT – The Most Affordable And Most Effective Psychotherapy Method!

While it takes months, or even years, to see the first results with any other kind of psychotherapy, with PEAT you will experience dramatical changes in your life in the very first session.

PEAT is oriented towards elimination of your problems. Problem is defined as unwanted state of mind which consists of emotional charge. Emotional charge comes from our supressed thoughts and emotions. PEAT works with concrete emotional probems you have. We work on one problem per session.


PEAT is so effective because It doesn’t just stay on the surface. We start with whichever problem or unwanted state you have and we go through a chain of unconscious contents cleaning them of emotional charge. Thats how we go deeper and deeper in to unconsciousness until we get to the essence of the problem. In that moment, the problem disappears, no matter how big it is. Everything,  I just said, happens in ten  to twenty minutes, sometimes a bit more.

Here are some examples of problems PEAT works with:

  1. Anxiety (Healing in 5-6 sessions in a month or two)
  2. Phobias (Healing in 1 session, maximum 2 if it comes back in other form)
  3. Traumas (Traumatic experiences. We eliminate emotional charge from such experiences and they do not influence your life anymore.)
  4. Lack of self confidence.
  5. Procrastination in working on life goals.
  6. Problems in relationships.
  7. Shortly, any emotional problem you might have.

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Lets say that you have delays in working on life goals as a problem. That is a very frequent probem with many people. What prevents you from working on your goals is emotional charge which consists of your supressed thoughts and emotions. When we, with the help of PEAT, remove the emotional charge in just one session, there will be nothing else preventing you from working on your accomplishments.

PEAT also goes deeply into the field of Spiritual Development.

Usually in the first session the client finds their Personal Codes or polarities that most affect them and their life. After the Integration (Neutraisation) of Primortial Polarities your basic life game  will be disscovered,and you won’t have to repeat it again and again by force. You wil find the much wanted freedom.

Every PEAT session leaves the client in a state of Oneness. Many spiritual teachers described this state as the final step of the spiritual development of a human being. They considered that it takes several years of meditation to get to the state of mind that with PEAT you will achieve in twenty minutes. By removing many of your problems via PEAT (and other Spiritual Technology techniques) you deepen this state of mind until you get the  Stable State of Consciousness (in zen they call it Satori) which is your natural state of mind and the peak of your spiritual development.

So, we can start with any unwanted state of mind you have and for less than an hour you can get rid of your problem forever, and even more importantly, you will finally find your Primordial Polarities and understand the game you’ve been playing all your life (some say several lives) and be free of it once and for all.

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Ljubinko Stevanovic

Trainer of PEAT and Spiritual Technology

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